English writing!英語でブログを書いて正しい日本の情報を発信しよう!
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English is below Japanese.


避けて通れないWriting. writing独特の言い回しなどもありますね。


それが功を奏し、日本に興味、あこがれを持ってくれる外国人が格段に増えてきました。 でも本当に役立つ情報は十分に伝わっているでしょうか?

たとえば100円グッズの情報。 いま海外客ツアーにも盛り込まれるようになっているのに グッズの「使い方」の欄は日本語のみ。


せっかく英語で書くのであれば訪日外国人に役立つものにしたい、1人での英語学習は目的を失い、長続きしないけど、それが誰かの役に立つと思えば モチベーションが出てくるのでは、という狙いもあります。

ブログをやったことがない, 英語ブログは別にしたいという方は英語専用のブログサイトを用意しましたのでそちらをご利用ください。


すでに自分で英語ブログを持っているというかはそちらの利用されてももちろんOK。 私たちの日常の情報をどんどん世界に発信しましょう。 ただし、アメブロやFC2,ライブドアブログ等のサービスは国内向けに最適化されており、海外の人が検索しても表示されにくいという問題があります。ですので、便利情報などは専門ブログを使っていただけると助かります。海外からの検索にも対応しています。



Lets make Tokyo information for Non Japanese.

when you go to oversea trip, have you been to local restraunt?or you just working around, and then find small restraunt?sometimes it really yummy, or you eat it for the first time.
I guessed tourist who come from abroad,do it something ask it to my Non Japanese friend, that was very first step of this group history.

In 2020,We have Olympic in Tokyo.

We were very happy when IOC decided to do in Tokyo,but now, Unfortunately we have many issue, especially about budget.However, We never forget responsibility as Host Country.you never believe Politician, Right? I never seem they take responsibility if you do nothing, same as them.

what we can do something proactive? I Request Dispatch Information of Japan to the world.

We offer enough information to the World?

recently Japanese government has dispatch information Project, It is called ( cool Japan)because of this project, Japanese culture fun is increasing.

but Japanese information reach them correctly?

No. someone still believe Japanese people eat sushi everyday, all Japanese Play Karate.of course, Sushi and karate are one of the our important original culture. but those image is not our real life.even in 21 century, Japanese image is kind of old typical. They dont get “Real information”If we dont “Update”, nothing to change.
Let reach them to Real useful information. For example, many tourist visit 100 yen shops, but explanatory leaflet is only Japanese. If we introduce Good goods by English, It very helpful to them.

in other case, introduction of Small restraint is known only neighborhood area.If you provide introduction in English, Some tourist visit Restaurant from far way,and then They really enjoyed it. if it come true, It is amazing!
That is why, I make English blog site. If you want to learn writing English, Very welcome!


2020 is Last opportunity in Our life.

Dont Miss it! Be Proactive!